Home Church Teaching on TV and Movies

The home church can effectively teach the effects of TV and movie watching. The kinds of movies and TV shows that are produced today have deteriorated in terms of right and wrong. The media seems to either dictate what the norm is or is taking it from the prevalent culture to please them.

It is often a question of who is influencing who? Is the culture influencing what the movies ought to be or is the movie influencing what the culture ought to be? The biblical norms of morality and behavior now seem to contradict the movies that are shown on TV and cable shows. We are not sure if the adult rated movies are themselves good for Christians.

The movies and shows take on a worldview that is very different and most time opposite to the biblical world view. Christians ought to be concerned about exposing their families to such suggestions. The bible warns us not to conform to the world but to be transformed in our minds. Home church tries to inculcate this habit of right and pure thinking.

The will of God is clearly available for anyone who wants it. But knowing the will of god is subject to certain conditions. The will of God is only revealed to those who are transformed or in the transforming process of their minds. The warning we need to obey is that we are not to think like the world thinks, but as God thinks.

The movies do not help us in transforming our minds to how God thinks. The movies depict a certain lifestyle and morality that is in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. Premarital sex is forbidden in the bible. But the media allows it and it presents it as the norm for today. Only the home church can get teach us about wrong values of society individually.

The kingdom of God is fundamentally different from the kingdom of this world. The values are totally incompatible. The earthly kingdom lives for today and now. The kingdom of God is for eternity.

The media has a right to do what they want as long as the sensor boards let them show them. I am not against the media but I am warning that Christians should show more and more discretion as to what we are watching and what the children are watching. The home church could help in warning us that it is not healthy to transform our minds to thin kike God if we continue let the movies influence our thinking.

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